Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Classmarker is a fantastic tool to have access to. It was easy to sign up to and extremely easy to construct my own quiz. How could this be used in my classroom? This would be an excellent assessment tool. I am able to customise my tests to reflect my students and their individual learning styles. There are various options in how I can construct my quiz depending on what result I want to achieve. My students would be able to complete the test in an assigned time or at another time designated by themselves especially for the independent learner. It could also be used as a self-assessment tool. If my students are working through a unit of work the quizzes could be taken at different intervals to see if my students have achieved the learning standard that I have planned. If they have not achieved the set standard I am able to alter the unit to allow for those students who may require extra help. On the other side of the educational coin the quiz can also allow me to see what students may need extending. This tool would enable me to reach all of my learners needs. I quickly made a classmarker quiz.
Here it is
All there is to know about Moi

On further reflection of this classmarker program I not only could use this as an assessment tool but as a tool to gauge my students different learning styles, what are my students like and dislikes, what do my students want to learn about, are my students capable of completing an online quiz? This list seems endless.
Looking at my carbon footprint I could be saving endless amounts of trees just by having my students take their tests online. I do not have to waste time marking as the tests are marked and the results are instant. My students leave a test knowing the marks they have achieved.
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