Sunday, August 9, 2009

This is my blog

So this is my blog. The term Blog condures up many images in my mind and mainly they are brown in colour. According to wordnetweb(2009) the term blog combines two words web+log=blog. A web log or blog is an online journal where people can post their entries about personal experiences and hobbies(wordnet 2009). An online journal does sound rather personal and I'm not sure I really want all and sundary to read about my personal experiences and hobbies. Reflecting on this it would seem that the content that I decide to place on line is totally up to me. After completing the online personality sorter I found out that I am among other things 100% introverted so therefore it would be extremely hard for my personality type to place my thoughts and opinions on line for others to comment and make judgements on. I guess that along this e learning journey I am really going to have to put myself 'out there' to be judged by my peers on a very public level. This does send a shiver down the spine but I think that I am up for this challenge. As the definition describes a blog is a place to post about personal experiences so therefore judgement is not required but possibly inevitable? As a Learning Manager how would I encourage the use of a blog by my students whilst allowing for all personality types? Dimension One of Dimensions of Learning(1997) describes the attitudes and perceptions in the classroom. The attitudes and perceptions of my students would need to display acceptance, comfort and order, belief in oneself to complete a task, and understanding of the task, and a perception that a blog is valuable and interesting to their own learning journal(Dimensions of Learning 1997).

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