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Mahara is an open source e-portfolio. Trying to download this was a mini nightmare until i figured out that it was not the program it was...... how shall I put this......... ME! I really thought that i was doing everything right, I followed the directions to the tee. Paid my paypal account (another nightmare, another story). The version of this long winded ordeal by which I wish to share is to just say that I have an excuse........ I am a Digital Immigrant. Yes that's right I was not born in this digital world but have immigrated into this digital planet and sometimes it drives me bananas. I worked out after conferring with others and placing my worries on the forum that I had merely not ticked a box. Who would have thought?
As a 'digital immigrant' (Prensky 2001) I do not speak the native language. Prensky (2001) states that the digital native think and process information differently from their digital immigrant counterparts. As a digital immigrant I have had to adapt to my everchanging environment but will I ever become a native? To be able to interact and cohabitate in this digital world and as a teacher of a digital native I must embrace this digital planet. I am willing to take on this challange for if I dont I will be left behind. But I must make this change today as tomorrow is another day and another birthing of a digital mastery.
One of these digital mastery's is the Mahara e-portfolio. This e-portfolio will be used as my own professional on-line portfolio and could be used similarly with students. This would be able to keep students personal educational information, assignments throughout their entire school life, sporting achievements and other achievements. Another advantage would be in the insatnces where students move to another school, interstate or even overseas which in today's economy is a reality.
Prensky, M, 2001, Digital natives digital immigrants, On the horizon, vol.9, no. 5, University press,,%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.pdf, viewed 19th August, 2009.

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