Friday, August 21, 2009

Slideshare take 1 & 2 explained

Well this has taken a long time. I have been scratching my head all afternoon on how I could record my own voice on my computer and I cannot find where or how I can actually do this without a microphone. So then I thought well if I cannot embed my own voice on to the Powerpoint I will embed someone else's so that is what I have done.
Finding the MP3 file format was in fact a collaborative project completed in my first term, first year of Uni when I was a real true blue digital immigrant. Along this journey that I am partaking my immigration papers are slowly moving up the digital ladder and I do hope that one day I will take the plunge and become a digital citizen.
The Slideshare program was easy to use and again it is a free share page. This program could be used to share presentations with peers, students, parents and other schools.
Slideshare Inc., 2009, Upload and share powerpoint presentations, Slideshare,, viewed 20th August, 2009.

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