Saturday, August 22, 2009

Royalty Free Music

Have I been living under a rock? Incompetech is a site which provides royalty free music and best of all it is free! Although if you do read the fineprint the creator of this site Kevin McLeod does appreciate a $5 donation for every file you do download. This is optional.
I chose a piece of music entitled "Super Circus". As the title suggests it is music set to a circus type march. I would use this piece in my prac prep class at the moment as a way of getting my students to change rotations. At the moment rotations are timesd and then the teacher tells the students that they need to move to the next station. By merely playing this music at the relegated 5 minute turnarounds students are self directed and know when that music plays they pack up what they are doing and move to the next station. It would be important to inform students that when the music stops they are expected to be seated at their next station ready to begin the activity.

Macleod, K., 2009, Incompetech, Super Circus,, viewed 20th August, 2009.

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