Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Image manipulation Take 2

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This is a photo of my three children and their two cousins. Ok. So you see what I mean now? Yep a little heavy handed on the sticker section. I do like the effect of the polaroid frame. I love this picknik site so much that I have signed up to get some of the other premium effects on offer. It is a relatively cheap subscription even in US dollars. Lucky for me the $ is pretty good at the moment. Living in a household with teenage children I know that they will get a lot of use out of this program. The program is easy to use. I am able to upload, edit, create, save and share. The save and share tab is an excellent tool as it allows me many options to save my photos to other sites which I may have subscribed to. One disadvantage is that I cannot upload from picknik to my blog I do have to send it to another program that allows uploads to my blog. I had signed up to Flickr so I merely saved my photos to Flickr and uploaded from there. Very simple to use even for a 'digital immigrant'. I have been searching the Weird Wide Web (yes I said weird, I am a digital immigrant after all) to see what others have said about this picnik program and a lot of people have shared my same views in regards to having to upload the image to another program to be able to embed these photos on my blog. There has to be an easier way to do this! If anyone has any ideas please comment on this post.

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