Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interactive whiteboard in the Classroom

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As a digital immigrant and considering the use of and Interactive Whiteboard in a school I had images of a sterile classroom filled with technology and no soul. This photo from Flickr shows that the Interactive Whiteboard does not look out of place in an everyday classroom it merely replaces the chalk/white board and works seamlessly alongside the everyday resources that define a fully working and functioning classroom. The classroom still looks inviting and stimulating.
The Interactive Whiteboard is basically a touch screen computer the size of a whiteboard (Kent & Holdway, 2009). Kent and Holdway(2009) suggest that the Interactive Whiteboard promotes higher-order thinking through the implementation of classroom activities that explores ideas, explores the implications of ideas and the construction of knowledge.
Studies have shown that when an Interactive Whiteboard is used productively it can produce significant improvents to student learning (Becta, 2003). Using the IWB productively is essential. It would be all well and good having this expensive piece of equipment sitting in your classroom but if pedagogues are not educated in the ways of IWB, then they are unable to utilise the equipment to its fullest advantage.

How would I use and Interactive Whiteboard in my classroom? It could most certainly be utilised in all KLA's.
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