Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wiki site

Last night I decided it was time. Time to set up my wiki. Yes it was easy to set up except when your computer decides that it would like to shut down in the middle of step two. So I gave up for the evening and decided that I would try again in the morning which is what I did. Except somehow I have set up my wiki in such a way that I am unable to get into it???? Early mornings do not agree with this Digital Immigrant. So I came back to the computer and have finally established my very own Wiki. The address is http://tips-and-ideas.wikispaces.com
and I do plan on using this Wiki in the future. For myself I decided that this forum would be a great place to jott down my ideas and tips (hence the name) that i receive as a pre-service teacher which I hope will follow through to when I am finally in the teaching profession. I have along this journey of study and Prac received many ideas and resources that I have found so helpful to me. I would like to share these resources with others and what better way in this digital age then to share with likeminded people in the form of a wiki. What I do like about the Wiki is this. Others can contribute to my wiki and I can invite people to become a member of my Wiki. What I dont like about the Wiki? Others can contribute to my wiki. What if others are placing information on this wiki that may be false or misleading? I would need to monitor this constantly. According to Matias (2003) the Wiki stores the history of each page so therefore I would be able to reset this page to its original setting or a point where I would like to reset this page.
How could I use a Wiki in the classroom. I had to sit and think about this for a while. In my classroom I need to be able to comunicate to my students, I need to be organised with my planning, implementation and assessment. I could use my Wiki for all of these things. I could use my wiki to communicate with my students as a whole and them with me. If they are researching for assessment pieces they may come across information, websites they would like clarifaction on, this could be easily checked easily by posting that website or information on the wiki for me as the teacher and others to comment on. Parents would be able to post comments, queries onto the wiki for collaborative comment. The term "Two heads are better then one" I feel describes the idea of the wiki quite accurately.
Matia, N (2003), What is a wiki?, Sitepoint, http://www.sitepoint.com/article/what-is-a-wiki/, viewed 11 August, 2009.

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