Sunday, August 9, 2009

Setting up my RSS Feeder

RSS may stand for really simply syndication but it didnt sound real simple to set up. So I took the Youtube tutorial on setting up my RSS Feeder. When I first read in the course profile that among other things I would need to set up and RSS Feeder I immediatley thought to myself "Oh my Lord this is way too technical for me, I am not going to be able to do this, quickly run to the fridge and get chocolate". No need to worry- I did it! All by myself! I may be a digital immigrant (Prensky 2001) but I can manage to set up my own RSS Feeder-High fives to me! How could I use this in my classroom. It would be a way of having other collegues information available to me easily. It would be a way of tracking my students progress- I would not be hassling them for information as it would be sent directly to me.

Prensky, M 2001, On the horizon, Digital natives digital immigrants, University press.

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