Saturday, August 22, 2009


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The Mediafire program allows larger files to be stored and accessed easily through a secure site and therefore you wont be bogging down others email inboxes or your own website/blog/wiki. Personally this would be a fantastic site to upload all those photos and having relatives who live worldwide easy access to the photos without having to download. As a student I can envisage this program being my online USB where I could keep all of my assignments etc. As a professional this would be useful to store unit plans, photos, documents, templates. The list seems almost endless. This program would definatley aid in my organisational requirements regarding my professional needs.
The program itself was very easy to use. For a digital immigrant it was extremely simple to navigate my way around the page. Signing up was simple and quick and in next to no time I was able to upload my files. I chose a template file used for timetabling. This file is simple to use and will assist in time managament. So here it is Timetable Template.

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